EnviroSense was established in 2000. Our offices are based in Zeekoevlei, Cape Town. 

For 20 years has German born SUSANNE KARCHER (MSc Chemical Engineering), the Managing Member of EnviroSense,  now advised and personally trained her company's many (and diverse) governmental and business clients on the  practicalities of day to day pollution prevention and integrated materials and waste management.  Improved operational and production efficiencies as well as "environmentally intelligent" product and process design principles are utilised as the key enabler for preventing and reducing waste and pollution at source while saving clients significant amounts of money for waste disposal, re-processing cost, loss of raw material costs, added value cost, environmental clean-up costs etc. and as demonstrated in the "Waste Cost Iceberg" picture below.



Picture Source: www.igd.com

true cost of waste1

An improved environmental performance, financial savings, job creation from waste opportunities and better operational efficiency are achieved through lateral system based thinking and the continuous application of Cleaner Production and Sustainable Consumption ideas and principles. 

At EnviroSense we firmly believe that ultimately any type of valueless, superfluous “waste” generated that needs currently landfilling or some form of "destruction", is actually a result of either “environmentally unintelligent human design” of a product or service and/or bad operational practices in the use of such product or service. Hence we are not prepared to simply apply cosmetic changes, that only address the waste symptoms, but never the actual root cause of the pollution or waste problem. We rather open that "waste" can of worms fully, than simply sweeping any of it under the proverbial carpet.   

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In addition to the expertise offered above, the firm has built up a network of experienced consultant specialists and legal experts whom we can call upon to assist in projects should this be required with a particularly close work collaboration agreement with Jeffares & Green Engineering and Environmental Consultants. jg