As the Director of EnviroSense CC, I place a lot of emphasis on teamwork, sharing of knowledge and partnerships in order to achieve the common goal of a better and healthier planet. Hence I am generally very generous when it comes to supplying interested parties such as students and other environmental consultants and NGOs with useful information and downloads from some of my own work outcomes and presentations. All I ask you in return is that you mention the source of download information. The following section lists some free downloads and you are welcome to contact me for more information or additional sources you might require.

WASTE WISE Project Clips:

Introduction: WasteWise is the City of Cape Town Solid Waste Department’s public education and awareness programme aimed at raising awareness and encouraging action amongst all Capetonians to reduce littering, minimise waste, stop illegal dumping and increase recycling.

WasteWise Overview (4 mins)


WasteWise National Clean-up Week (3 mins)


WasteWise-ARTS (Athlone Transfer Station) (3 mins)


WasteWise Zibi Educational Show (10 mins)


WasteWise Dog PSA (20 sec)


GGate Community Funday



Introduction: EnviroSense CC Director "Susanne Dittke" is discussing the challenges and opportunities of responsible e-waste management (5:56 mins)

"Buzz" on SABC 3 Expresso Show (2.4.2013)

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e-Waste Education for School Kids


Educating children about eWaste and what to do with it

Download the file by clicking on the link below

e-Waste Education for School Kids [PowerPoint Presentation - 4.21 MB]

YouTube video

e-Waste Project

This is a project to minimise e-waste in the Cape Town metropole.

View the YouTube movie by following the link below

Cape Town e-waste project on YOUTUBE(7 minutes)

Green IT for Dummies

Green IT for Dummies

Find out how to green your IT solutions.

Download the file by clicking on the link below

Green IT for Dummies Special Edition PDF document