Susanne Yvonne Dittke

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61 Peninsula Road
Zeekoevlei 7941
Cape Town
South Africa 
Phone:  +27 21 532 0940 (office)
Fax: +27 86 647 1475
Cell: +27 71 859 0829
Skype: envirosense

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German (RSA permanent residence permit since 1997)

Date of Birth:

23 May 1966

Professional Background:

Chemical Engineer  (M.Sc.)
Managing Member: EnviroSense CC

Other Skills: Driver’s Licence (RSA and International)
German and English - excellent                                                    
French and Afrikaans - poor 
Computer: All Microsoft Office programmes   


Date (from - to):

1986 - 1988

LUFA Augustenburg (Germany)
Miscellaneous employers:


June 1986 apprentice ship for “Biological Technician” at LUFA Augustenburg (Agricultural Analysis & Research Institute)
3 years of practical work in the field of Laboratory Medicine   (Radiology, Immunology, Toxicology etc.)

Date (from - to):

1988 - 1990

Carl-Engler Technical Highschool:

Matric from Technical High School (June 1990)

Date (from - to):

1991 - 1997

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) University(Germany):

Obtained German Chemical Engineering degree equivalent to a M.Sc. (Dipl.Ing.) in 1997 (final year thesis at the Chemical Engineering Department at University of Cape Town (UCT)



EXECOACH (Executive Coaching/Faciliation)

 Obtained ETDP SETA accreditation as a qualified and registered “Assessor" and “Facilitator”


Working History:

1986-1989: Finalised apprentice ship for “Biological Technician” and worked for three years in the field of Laboratory Medicine (Radiology, Toxicology etc.)
1990: Matriculated and enrolled at Technical University Karlsruhe, Germany for Chemical Engineering.
Obtained German Chemical Engineering degree equivalent to a M.Sc. (Dipl.Ing.) in 1997 after finishing the final thesis at the Chemical Engineering Department at  University of Cape Town (UCT) (Topic: Bio-leaching of pyrite ores with Thiobacillus ferrooxidans
1997-1999: Employed at Peninsula Technikon (Chemical Engineering Department) as a Junior Researcher. Supervision of B-Tech students, exploration of biotechnological pollution control and clean-up options
1999-Current: Founding and Managing Member of  “EnviroSense CC”
EnviroSenseCC Environmental Consulting Services

Founded in 1999, EnviroSense CC is an Environmental Consultancy that has specialised in the planning, development and facilitation of tailor-made governmental, industrial/commercial and residential “Integrated Resource and Waste Management” programmes.  This includes the identification and triple bottom line evaluation of all relevant social, economic and natural system impacts for the formulation of individual solutions towards waste minimisation and pollution prevention.

An improved environmental performance, financial savings, job creation from waste opportunities  and better operational efficiency are achieved through lateral system based thinking and the continuous application of Cleaner Production and Sustainable Consumption ideas and principles. 
Job Competency: 

The Managing Member, Susanne Dittke, held the position of City of Cape Town “Waste Reduction Advisor” from December 1999 to September 2003 in the Solid Waste Management Department. In this capacity she gained extensive practical experience in developing and running various Resource Efficiency & Cleaner Production (RECP) and integrated waste management programmes.

Since 2007 EnviroSense CC has entered a highly collaborative working relationship with Environmental Division of the "Jeffares and Green Engineering and Environmental Consulting"  www.jgi.co.za sharing work office space there. Apart from regularly assisting the City of Cape Town with various high-profile integrated waste management and education projects such as Waste Wise, EnviroSense CC has been providing on-going strategic planning advice (e.g. for Integrated Waste Management Plans and Green Procurement policies) to Municipal, Provincial and National Authorities  in South Africa and Namibia. Further the company has been providing CP audits and training (e.g. via the National Cleaner Production Centre (NCPC)) for various industrial sectors including the Plastics Industry, the Hospitality Industry, the Automotove Supply Industry and the Electroplating and Metal Finishing Industry).  From 2011-2012 EnviroSense formed part of an international consortium team of consultants chosen for the Integrated Waste Management in Western Africa project (UNEP Seven Frameworks Programme funded by the European commission) which led to the development of Integrated Waste Management Strategies (for key waste types including hazardous waste/e-waste) for Nigeria, Senegal, Ghana and the Ivory Coast. Private sector clients of EnviroSense include a vast and diverse range of SMME businesses and large companies (including various retailers, waste service providers and pioneering respresentatives of the "supergreen" hospitality industry such as Hotel Verde www.hotelverde.co.za). For the latter she co-developed a high-level strategic "zero waste to landfill" based operational material management plan  (OMMP) including  detailed supplier score cards and evaluation criteria.

Since 2010 Susanne also chairs and runs the affairs of the e-Waste Alliance NGO (www.ewastealliance.org). eWA members include an advisory OEM manufacturer member (HP), recyclers, refurbishers, collectors, transporters and dismantlers for all types of e-waste. Members follow a Code of Conduct prescribing minimum technical and operational requirements  for working together towards the establishment of a true "Southern African" e-waste collection and processing solution that is geared towards responsible, accountable and transparent practical e-waste handling.

As a result of the company’s cutting edge practical work experience in applied waste minimisation and strategic planning Susanne is regularly invited to conferences, waste summits, industrial AGMs and tertiary institutions as a guest lecturer/key note speaker where she willingly shares her knowledge and expertise on a large and diverse range of pollution, resource/waste management and sustainability issues.


Location:    South Africa
  • Finalised activities in June 2013 as project team member responsible for promoting sponsorships and partnerships as well as business education (e.g. by-laws) in the City of Cape WasteWise campaign (Public Anti-Litter/Dumping Awareness and Education project )
  • Subcontracted by SEA for NCPC Audit of “41-on-Cedar” guest-house
  • Subcontracted by J&G to assist in the Development of Technical Specifications for the City of Cape Town’s Green Procurement programme
  • Appointed by Hotel Verde to develop an Operational Materials Management Plan geared at “Zero Waste to Landfill
  • Appointed by GIZ to develop as Phase 2 deliverables e-waste guidebooks for collectors, SME businesses and companies wishing to introduce an ISO 14001 light version of an EMS
  • Invited as a discussion panellist at PlasticSA’s first international plastics conference in March 2013 which was moderated by Ruda Landman (Carte Blanche)
  • Public e-waste education on the SABC3 Expresso Show




Location:   Southern Africa (Namibia and South Africa) and West Africa (Ghana, Senegal)
  • Re-assessment of the MSA Section 78(3) for the City of Cape Town towards Waste Minimisation options (Technical and Stakeholder Engagement input)
  • NCPC training and auditing on Cleaner Production for the South African Automotive Supplies Industry
  • Co-authored US Aid funded Status Quo report and manual for the responsible management and disposal of pharmaceutical waste in Namibia
  • Appointed for the Integrated Waste Management in Western Africa project (UNEP Seven Frameworks Programme funded by the European commission)- the development of Integrated Waste Management Strategies (including hazardous waste) for Nigeria, Senegal, Ghana and the Ivory Coast
  • Evaluation of dye chemicals for Svenmills
  • Evaluation of laundry chemicals for the Vineyard Hotel
  • Article Waste Revolution Handbook : e-waste management in South Africa
  • Appointed for Waste Wise (2010-2013) as part of the J&G consortium
  • Appointed by GTZ Germany to assist with an MTN driven e-waste project
  • Obtained ETDP SETA accreditation for “Assessor (copy attached)
  • Obtained ETDP SETA accreditation for “Facilitator”(copy attached)
  • Elected chairwoman for DEA&DPs newly formed Western Cape Recycling Action Group aimed at stimulating local private sector recycling activitiesInput into Cape Town’s IMEP (Integrated Metropolitan Environmental Policy)
Location: Southern Africa (South Africa and Namibia)
  • Development of a collection strategy for Household Hazardous Waste Management (including e-waste) for the Western Cape Province (DEA&DP)
  • Development of a Green Procurement Policy and Implementation Programme for the Western Cape Government (DEA&DP)
  • Development of a collection strategy for Compact Fluorescent Tubes in the Western Cape (ESKOM)
  • Development of waste and green procurement criteria for a green rating system for hotels in South Africa (Sustainable Energy Africa)
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of the Swiss Hewlett Packard funded e-Waste Recovery Facility in Cape Town ( HP/EMPA/Digital Solidarity Fund)
  • Review of the Integrated Waste Management Plan of the Northern Province towards developing waste minimisation strategies (Jeffares & Green)
  • Development of waste minimisation specific guidelines as part of the FIFA Worldcup 2010 Event Greening initiative
  • Development of waste minimisation strategies as part of LONMIN Platinum’s Integrated Waste Management Plan (Golder)
  • Assisting in the development of the City of Windhoek’s future Integrated Waste Management Legislation and Policies (Jeffares & Green)
  • Wastetrail audit of hazardous wastes including oily wastes from diamond ships for De Beers Marine Namiba
  • Environmental Management Training for CoCT Solid Waste managers
  • Feb 2004-2009: Assistance with the development of an industry driven e-waste management plan for South Africa (appointed eWASA coordinator Western Cape)
Location: South Africa
  • Development of City of Cape Town Integrated Waste Management Plan. Co-author of both the Waste Minimisation and Waste Education chapters
  • Co-Author: Status Quo Report of Cleaner Production in RSA (DEAT)
  • Management of Stellenbosch Municipality Blue Bag Project
  • Hotel audits for DEA&DP’s “Cleaner Production in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry” pilot project including development of fact sheets, compilation of tertiary training material etc
  • Input into KwaZulu Natal Draft Prevention and Management of Waste Bill with regard to waste minimization strategies
  • Technical adviser and waste minimisation specialist for the Rustenburg Municipality IWMP
  • Subcontracted by UCT as specialist consultant to develop DEA&DP’s Waste Action Plan as part of the Environmental Minister's Sustainable Development Implementation Plan (SDIP) for the Western Cape
  • Appointed by Pikitup to develop an action oriented Strategic Roadmap towards reaching Polokwane targets
  • Assisting Woolworth with their “Good Business Journey” by developing an integrated waste management strategy for their headquarter and presenting packaging waste minimisation strategies at various in-house conferences to their packaging suppliers
  • Development of a Hazardous Waste Manifest for harbour based oily wastes for De Beers Marine
Location: Cape Town (contracted as the "City of Cape Town Waste Reduction Advisor")
  • Developed first South African Integrated Waste Exchange website for the City of Cape Town at www.capetown.gov.za/iwex
  • Assisted in development of “Integrated Waste Management Strategy“ plan for Canal Walk shopping centre complex and other commercial/industrial locations
  • Co-Author of CSIR’s Green Buildings for Africa official guideline and training manual for Office Waste Reduction
  • Start up of four City of Cape Town subsidized pilot WMC programmes (Civic Centre, Blue Route Shopping Mall, Plastic Industry, Retail Motor Industry) and running of the Plastic Industry Waste Minimisation Club
  • Received Impumelelo Star Award for successful facilitation of the Waste Exchange and the effects on poverty alleviation
  • Start up and management of the Yellow Bag Household Waste Separation Programme in Marina da Gama as a pilot for City of CT
  • Initiation of the Parow Industria “ Dare to Dream Campaign“ including start up of a local Waste Minimisation Club
  • Technical Input (Industry & Commerce) for compilation of the City of Cape Town “State of Energy Report” and Cape Town Energy Strategy Draft
The following are a list of Selected Clients who have been provided with EnviroSense CC Consulting Services


ACSA Airport Cargo Unit, Sondor Industries, Chamber of Commerce and Industry , EPS, Duferco, Sondor, Tenesa, Plastic Converters Association, Plastic Federation South Africa (PFSA), Cape Regional Chamber, Caltex, Equity Technologies, Wasteman, De Beers Marine , De Beers Marine Namibia, Eskom, WWF, Hewlett Packard, ITA, GKN Sinter, Plastics SA



Shopping Centres (Canal Walk, Victoria and Alfred Waterfront, Blue Route Shopping Mall, Tygervalley Centre), Retailers and Franchises (Woolworths, Hyperama, Spur, Foschini,Clicks, CNA), Old Mutual, Vineyard Hotel, Boulders Beach Lodge, Southern Right Hotel, Winchester Mansions, Grootbos, Monkey Valley Lodge, Greenways Hotel, Arabella Sheraton, Holiday Inn, Capetonian, Tulbagh Hotel, Tudor Hotel, Cape Town Convention Centre, CT Tourist School, Pick'nPay, Vineyard Hotel, Woolworths, Wasteman, Wasteplan, Hotel Verde, Just PCs, eCycle, Nova Lighting, Transworld Cargo Namibia, DESCO



Stellenbosch Municipality, De Hoop Nature Reserve, Rustenburg Municipality, Boland Water Quality Committee, Provincial Government (Directorate Pollution and Waste) (DEAD&DP), City of Cape Town, Provincial Government KZN, Swiss EMPA, City of Windhoek (Namibia), European Commission, CSIR, National Cleaner Production Center (NCPC)


NGOs and others: 

Sustainable Energy Africa, Fairest Cape Association Institute of Waste Management South Africa, IWMSA, UCT, Zero Waste InstituteSouth Africa, ZERI, MIIU, eWASA, e-Waste Alliance

IWMSA LogoInstitute of  Waste Management of Southern Africa (IWMSA)

  • Since 2000: Member of the Institute of Waste Management South Africa
  • Since 2010: Member of the IWMSA Western Cape Branch Committee (Portfolio: Waste Minimisation and e-Waste)
  • Since 2010: Coordinator and Chair(wo)man of the e-Waste Alliance
  • Since 2011: Elected Chair(wo)man for the Western Cape Recycling Action Group (the latter under guidance of Provincial Government)