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These are projects of EnviroSense CC that have been running in 2013;

  • Consultant consortium team member led by Jeffares & Green Engineering and Environmental Consulting responsible for promoting sponsorships and partnerships as well as business education (e.g. by-laws) in the City of Cape WasteWise campaign (Public Anti-Litter/Dumping Awareness and Education project) - see "Downloads Section" for a selection of WW work video clips.
  • Subcontracted by Sustainable Energy Africa (SEA) for NCPCCleaner Production Audits of  two Cape Town based guest houses.
  • Subcontracted by Jeffares and Green Engineering and Environmental Consultants to assist with the Development of Technical Specifications for the City of Cape Town (Environmental Resource Management Department) Green Procurement programme.
  • Appointed by  Hotel Verde to develop an Operational Materials Management Plan geared at “Zero Waste to Landfill as well as corresponding key supplier scorecards.
  • Appointed by the   GIZ (South Africa) to develop as Phase 2 deliverables e-waste guidebooks for collectors, SME businesses and companies wishing to introduce an ISO 14001 light version of an EMS.
  • Invited as a discussion panellist at  Plastics SA first international plastics conference in March 2013 which was moderated by Ruda Landman (Carte Blanche TV moderator)
  • Public e-waste education on the SABC3 Expresso Show- see "Downloads Section" for the video clip